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Contoh Soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Tahun 2023

Contoh Soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Tahun 2023
Contoh Latihan Soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP dapat digunakan sebagai bahan pembelajaran US Tahun Pelajaran 2022/2023. Dibagikan dalam bentuk soal ujian online disertakan lampiran PDF yang bisa diunduh secara gratis.

Bapak/ibu guru satuan pendidikan bisa menggunakannya sebagai tambahan model butit - butir ujian sekolah di mata pelajaran bahasa inggris. Materi yang digunakan untuk membuat latihan sudah disesuaikan kisi - kisi US Bahasa Inggris SMP Kurikulum 2013.

Jumlah keseluruhannya yaitu 45 butir berbentuk soal pilihan ganda dan uraian (essay). Dicocokkan terhadap naskah resmi US Bahasa Inggris SMP yang dianjurkan Kemdikbud di tahun - tahun sebelumnya. 

Contoh Soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Tahun 2023

Contoh Soal Ujian Sekolah (US) Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Tahun 2023

Berdasarkan SE Kementerian Pendidikan di tahun 2023 sekarang, kebijakan terhadap pelaksanaan Ujian Sekolah Menengah Pertama akan diserahkan sepenuhnya kepada lembaga masing - masing. 

Asalkan tetap berkoordinasi dengan MGMP dan dinas pendidikan terkait di wilayah masing - masing.

Selanjutnya, central pendidikan membagikan Contoh Soal Ujian Sekolah US Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP dan Kunci Jawaban dilengkapi dua varian soal dengan isi yang berbeda, yang mana salah satunya berasal dari arsip tahun kemarin.

File PDF + Bonus Prediksi + Jawaban berada dibawah soal online berikut ini

Selamat mengerjakan..

Choose the best answer.
Text for question items no 1 to 2


This is a final assignment for all students of grade 9. Borrow an English magazine in the library from April 7th to
10th. Find an English article about school activity in it. Then, write the summary. The deadline to submit is on
April 14th 2023.
For more information, feel free to ask Mr. Dion.

Mr. Dion

1. The topic of the announcement above is....
A. library english magazine for all students
B. English article for student grade 9
C. English assignment for 9 graders
D. assignment for all grades

2. When is the last date to submit their summary?
A. On April 7th , 2023. 
B. On April 10th, 2023. 
C. On April 14th, 2023.
D. From April 7th to 10th 2023.

Text for question items no 3 to 5
March 1th , 2023
Dear Bryan,

Since the third UCUN will be held on March 20th, you must submit the last project in order to join it. The due date will be on March 15th, 2023. Please remind others.

Mr. Robby

3. The students must submit the project in … after the message sent.
A. 20 days 
B. 2 weeks 
C. 3 weeks 
D. 15 days

4. The underlined word in “Please remind others.” has the same meaning with….
A. forget 
B. prompt 
C. tell
D. evoke

5. After reading the message, Kevin probably will ....
A. write passages not more than 300 words 
B. submit the project to his teacher‟s house 
C. inform the information to his friends
D. complete his school project at once

Text for question items no 6 to 8

6. What kind of courses does Yama Music School offer?
A. Vocal for kids. 
B. Music for teens.
C. Music and vocal.
D. Guitar class for adults.

7. Who can take courses in Yama Music School?
A. Kids above 8 years old. 
B. Kids, teens and adults. 
C. Teens and adults.
D. Teenagers.

8. „New class opens in January and July’
The statement means ....
A. In January and July, there will students 
B. The course opens the registration once a year 
C. January and July are only for new students
D. All classes are only in January and July

Text for question items no 9 to 11

Dear Sally,

Congratulations on your winning at the regional speech contest competition!
Your hard work has been paid off.
Wishing you get the best result in the higher competition.
Good luck!


9. What does Tiffany send the greeting card for?
A. Congratulating Sally‟s achievement. 
B. Announcing Sally‟s achievement.
C. Wishing Sally get the best result. 
D. Giving compliment to Sally.

10. From the text, we know that Tiffany is feeling ….
A. sad
B. lonely 
C. happy 
D. scary

11. Your hard work has been paid off.
The closest meaning of the phrase „paid off’ is …. 
A. disadvantage
B. rewarding
C. casual
D. usual

Text for question items no 12 to 14

12. After reading the label people will ....
A. memorize the ingredients of the product 
B. understand the description of the product 
C. know the company‟s name of the product
D. get the detailed information of the product

13. ... is the main ingredient in making the product.
A. Sugar
B. Lemon
C. Cinnamon
D. Food coloring

14. Which statement is NOT TRUE based on the text?
A. The product is modern with an ancient recipe. 
B. The product contains cinnamon and honey.
C. The product is not safe for people on diet. 
D. The product contains natural ingredients.

Text for question items no 15 to 17

A Fox and a Tiger

One day a tiger saw a fox walking alone. Then, he intended to attack the fox.
When tiger jumped on the fox, the fox cried out, "How dare you attack the king of the jungle?" Tiger looked at him in amazement. "Non sense! You are not a King!"
"Certainly I am," replied the Fox. "All the animals run from me in terror! If you want proof, come with me."
Then the Fox went into the forest with the tiger behind him. When they came to a herd of deer, the deer saw a tiger behind the fox and ran in all direction. Next, they came to a group of monkey, the monkey saw the tiger behind the fox and they ran away.
The fox looked to the tiger and said, "Do you need more proof? See how the animals ran away looking at me?". "I am surprised, but I've seen it with my own eyes. Forgive me attacking you, Great King." Tiger bowed low with great ceremony, he let the fox go and free.

15. A fox … be a king of the jungle for escaping from tiger.
A. pretend
B. pretended
C. will pretend
D. is pretending

16. From the story, we can learn that….
A. the truth must appear in the world
B. never lose hope on getting a dream
C. an intelligent person defeats a strong man
D. it is easy to forgive an enemy than a friend

17. What did the fox do to escape from the tiger?
A. He ran away as fast as possible. 
B. He used his intelligent to escape. 
C. He asked for other animals‟ help.
D. He asked the tiger to go to a forest.

Text for question items no 18 to 19

[I am only me when I am with you]
tailor swift
Friday night beneath the stars
In a field behind your yard
You and I are painting pictures in the sky
Sometimes we don't say a thing
Just listen to the crickets sing 
Everything I need is right here by my side 
And I know everything about you
I don't wanna live without you

18. This song lyric describes that….
A. she/he can live without a friend.
B. she/he cannot live without a friend. 
C. she/he wants to live without a friend.
D. she/he really enjoys living without friend.

19. “Everything I need is right here by my side” The sentence means that the writer…
A. wants to see the stars alone.
B. likes to listen to crickets sing.
C. only wants to be next to his/her friend.
D. enjoys painting behind his/her friend‟s yard.

Text for question items no 20 to 23

The place that I never forget is Covent Garden. It is one of the most popular parts of London. Tourists and Londoners, adults and kids – they all enjoy the great shops restaurants and cafes, and, most of all, they love the street performers. At Covent Garden, you can see some of the best street performers in the world. There are jugglers, clowns, magicians, living statues, musicians – the list goes on and on!
Before they can perform there, performers have to pass a test (it doesn‟t cost anything). The shows are free and performers don‟t go round and collect money – but most people throw money into the hat! The performers can keep all the money. Sometimes the audience is small, but often big, and due to that they make a lot of money at the end of the show.
Chantelle plays the violin in an orchestra, but she prefers Covent Garden! “The Crowds are always great here, she says, “and the money‟s better than my orchestra job!”

20. What is the text about?
A. The musicians of Covent Garden. 
B. The performers in Covent Garden.
C. Getting some money in Covent Garden.
D. Covent Garden as a place for street performers.

21. What do the performers have to do before they can perform there?
A. Pass the test.
B. Collect some money.
C. Show their performance.
D. Throw the money into the hat.

22. What will the readers probably do when they visit the Covent Garden?
A. Plan to be the street performers.
B. Find the exact location of Covent Garden.
C. Prepare to pass the test of being street performer. 
D. Enjoy the street performances of Covent Garden.

23. “and due to that they make a lot of money…”
The word “they “ refers to .... 
A. people
C. tourists
B. audiences
D. performers

Text for question items no 24 to 27

There was a small door that led to the attic space in my bedroom when I was 11 to 13 years old. It became habit that I would shut the door as I walked into my bedroom a couple times a week. I did not think anything of it; I just assumed my mom did not close it all the way when she left it.
After a while, I made the mistake of joking with her when she made a comment about me not picking up after myself. I said something like, "Every night, I have to close the attic door behind you. How about you shut it all the way when you're done?" She then informed me that she had not been in the attic for months. I asked my brother - nope. I asked my father - nope.
I started to pay really close attention to it - making sure it was closed in the morning, checking it after school, checking after dinner. Then I would head up to bed and - open.
After a couple of months wondering, studying, experimenting, I thought I would see what happened if I just did not shut it. I opened the door before school and checked it after school still open. I checked it after dinner
- still open. Before bed - still open.
Then I was lying in bed, mind going crazy with the open door across the room. I decided to check it out, so I rolled over and focused on the black space into the attic - to see a face staring back at me. I ran downstairs, tried to forget what I saw. I was scared and got speechless.
I could not forget that scary moment. Since that experience, did not want to sleep in the attic anymore.

Adapted from

24. What was the main problem faced by the writer in paragraph 2?
A. Nobody admitted letting the attic door open.
B. The mother often forgot to close the attic door.
C. The writer closed the attic door without being asked. 
D. All members of the family did not close the attic door.

25. After wondering for several months, the writer ….
A. always let the attic door open
B. just closed the attic door as usual
C. reminded the family to close the door well
D. found out that his/her mother was the culprit

26. What scared the writer in the attic?
A. There was a face staring back at the writer.
B. Mother suddenly came and scared the writer. 
C. There was a face peeked through the window.
D. Someone was looking back at him/her when he/she was lying.

27. The word „attic’ in “there was a small door that led to the attic space in my bedroom…” (paragraph 1) is best explained as a ….
A. corner in a family‟s home that is used for relaxing.
B. large cupboard in a house where food is kept
C. room at the top of building under the roof. 
D. space where conversation is not allowed.

Text for question items no 28 to 30

28. The text aims to ….
A. inform people the function of a fire extinguisher 
B. tell the readers how to use the fire extinguisher 
C. show the easiest way to use fire extinguisher
D. remind the fireman the safety of the product

29. How can we put off the fire effectively?
A. Squeeze the handle evenly. 
B. Pull the pin close to you.
C. Sweep the nozzle slowly. 
D. Spray steadily to the fire.

30. What will likely happen when you aim high at the fire?
A. It will reduce the heat level of the fire. 
B. It will make the fire bigger.
C. It will instantly extinguish.
D. It will create less damage.

Text for question items no 31 to 34

Eruptions that Changed the World!

Do you know? A floating island of rocks was found near New Zealand in 2012. It was the size of a small country! The rocks came from an underground volcano and were so light that they floated! Volcanoes have changed the world several times in the past. They‟ve made cities and people disappear, and they‟ve changed the climate for years. Have you heard of the Lost City of Atlantis? Some people think it was lost because of a volcanic eruption in Greece.
The island of Santorini (once called Thera), in Greece, is on half a volcano. The other half of the volcano exploded and disappeared in 1600 BCE. A culture, the Minoans, may have disappeared with it. Ash from the eruption has been found as far away as Egypt. Because of the explosion, crops died and rain and temperature changed for years.
Today, three million people live near Mount Vesuvius in Italy. However, in 79 CE, it erupted. The explosion sent ash 24,000 meters (15 miles) into the air. The sky was dark because of the eruption. Hot ash ran down the cone and burned everything in its way. In two hours, two cities were gone.
Two eruptions in Indonesia changed the world. The first, Tambora in 1815, sent gases into the sky that circled Earth. Because of that eruption, Europe and North America had no summer in 1816. The weather changed a lot! In 1883, Krakatoa sent ash 60,000 meters (37 miles) into the sky! Earth‟s temperature dropped for five years. It was the biggest eruption in history.

(Taken from: National Geographic Our World Workbook Level 5 Unit 7)

31. What is the writer‟s purpose in writing the text?
A. To tell the eruption in Indonesia.
B. To talk one of the biggest the natural phenomenon.
C. To inform the eruptions that considered as the big ones.
D. To describe about the writer‟s experience in doing research about volcanoes.

32. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. The changing of the world was caused by volcanoes. 
B. The eruption of Tambora was the biggest.
C. The eruptions in the world were amazing.
D. The biggest eruptions were in Indonesia.

33. The Krakatoa became the biggest eruption in the history because ….
A. it sent gases into the sky
B. the ashes were full all over the sky
C. the Earth‟s temperature dropped for five years
D. there was no summer in Europe and North America

34. The word „they’ in“ They’ve made cities and ….” (paragraph 1 ) refers to ….
A. rocks
B. islands
C. eruptions
D. volcanoes

Text for question items no 35 to 38

The Legend of “Sungai Jodoh”

Many years ago, there lived a poor orphan girl named Mah Bongsu. She worked as a maid for a rich woman named Mak Piah. Mak Piah and her daughter Mayang always treated her badly. Mak Piah always instructed her to work hard and often did not give her enough food.
One day, when Mah Bongsu was washing her clothes by the river, she saw a big snake approaching. She was about to run away when she saw the snake bleeding. Mah Bongsu took pity on it and took it home to cure it.
While Mah Bongsu was curing it, the snake peeled its skin. Apparently, the skin turned into gold. Mah Bongsu was happy. Every day, the same thing happened and as a result. She became wealthy. She quit working for Mak Piah.
Mak Piah was curious how Mah Bongsu accumulated her wealth. She spied in Mah Bongsu‟s house and found out that it was the snake which gave her wealthy.
Soon Mak Piah asked her daughter Mayang to go to the river to find a wounded snake. Mayang found one and took it home. However, they did not treat the snake with love, so the snake bit them, which resulted in their death.
Meanwhile, the snake at Mah Bongsu‟s house recovered. One day, Mah Bongsu did not find it. Instead, she found a handsome man at the spot where the snake was. Apparently, a witch had turned the man into a snake.
The man, who was actually a prince, asked Mah Bongsu to marry him. Mah Bongsu agreed. Since then, people named the river where Mah Bongsu found the snake as “Sungai Jodoh”.


35. What message do you get from the text?
A. Greediness will harm you. 
B. Calmness will bother you. 
C. Laziness will guide you. 
D. Patience will hurt you.

36. Mah Bongsu became wealthy because she ….
A. found some gold in the snake‟s body.
B. got some gold from the snake‟s skin. 
C. earned some gold by working hard.
D. gave some gold to Mak Piah.

37. If Mah Bongsu didn‟t cure the snake she found at the river, she would probably ....
A. still be working for Mak Piah. 
B. live happily with a prince.
C. become a rich woman. 
D. have a better life.

38. The main idea of paragraph 6 is ….
A. the witch cursed a handsome prince into a snake. 
B. Mah Bongsu got gold and became a rich woman. 
C. Mak Piah and Mayang were killed by the snake. 
D. the snake transformed into a handsome man.

Text for question items no 39 to 40

Last week my school arranged a tour to a waterfall. We went to Curug Sewu. On a fine cool morning. We gathered at the school at six o‟clock. Two buses had ready at school. The teacher counted the students. We were all ninety. Four teachers accompanied us and two assistants took charge of the sports things. At half past six, we got into the bus and left for Curug Sewu.
We were in our happy mood. We sang cheerful songs and clapped, shouting and rejoicing along the way. At 9 a.m. the teachers served us fried rice and mineral water for breakfast. Two hours later we arrived at Curug Sewu. We kept our bags and baggages on a lodge booked by the school for us. After a full meal we got ready for sight-seeing.
At first we visited Kshetra Curug Sewu. There we saw a big temple built where five rivers originate. We were surprised to see it. There we enjoyed rafting and other watersports. It was almost evening there. So we hurried up to the sunset point. We saw the whole sunset, where the sun went down on the western horizon with its brilliant colors spread in the sky. The view had a deep impression on my mind. When it was dark we returned to our lodge.
The next day was kept for visiting other points and valleys. On the early morning we enjoyed the sunrise, and other sightseeing points. In the afternoon around four we went to the market. There, we enjoyed delicious strawberries and raspberries. I bought a cane stock and a bottle of honey. Then it‟s the time for us to return home from journey. We were in a very merry mood returning home. I enjoyed my picnic very much.

39. What did the students do when they were all in happy mood?
A. They kept their bags and baggages on a lodge. 
B. They enjoyed the sight-seeing at Curug Sewu. 
C. They enjoyed the cuisine and the watersports.
D. They enjoyed their picnic.

40. It can be inferred that the writer loves sunset more because ….
A. She is not a sport type person
B. She loves nature more than sport
C. She is most likely a melancholic person
D. She loves the radiant colours of the sunset

Read the text to answer question items no 41 and 43.
My name is Bintang. My best idol is my mother. Her name is Yuna. She is about thirty nine years old, but she still looks very young and energetic. She is a beautiful person. She is not tall but not short, and she has curly hair and brown. Her eyes color are like honey and her skin color light brown, and she has a beautiful smile. She is about 163 cm tall and 45 kilograms.
She is a very kind person. She is very lovely, friendly, patient, and she loves to help people. Besides, she also has a fantastic sense of humor. She always makes me laugh. It`s a pleasure to be with her. I really enjoy her personality. I love my mom, because she is a good example to me.
She is a very good wife and mother. She always takes care of her family. She likes her house to be clean. She is a very organized person, and all things in the house are in the right place. She doesn`t like messy.
She always has a smile on her face. She is so sweet and lovely. When I am going to sleep or go to some places, she always give me a kiss, and when the family has a problem she always be with us to help us and to give us all her love.

41. What is the intention of the writer in writing the text?
42. How does the writer‟s mother take care of her house?.
43. What is your conclusion about his mother‟s personality?
Fill in the blanks by using suitable word to answer question items no 44 to 45
44. The writer and his friends returned to their lodge … it was dark there.
45. Komodo dragons are carnivores who ... to eat pigs, deer, snakes, fish and water buffalos.

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