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Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Semester 1 2023/2024, ONLINE

Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Semester 1 2023/2024, ONLINE | Di kesempatan kali ini, kami akan membagikan contoh soal latiha Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Semester 1 Tahun Pelajaran 2023/2024 ONLINE. Yang bisa kamu gunakan sebagai referensi dalam pembuatan naskah soal asli yang bakalan diujikan kepada anak didiknya kelak.

Keseluruhan soal berjumlah 50 butir, dalam pemformatan soal pilihan ganda. Dan juga soal PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 ini bisa kamu pelajari secara online dan langsung di dalam postingan kami.

Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Semester 1 2023/2024, ONLINE

Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Semester 1

1 Situation: A teacher wants to make sure that her students understand the content of the movie.

Which conversation shows the situation?
A. Teacher: Excuse, me boys and girls
Students: Yes, Ma’am
B. Teacher: Please submit your work
Students: Sure, Ma’am
C. Teacher: Hello, every one.
Students: Hello, Ma’am
D. Teacher: Do you understand what is the movie about
Students: Yes, Ma’am

2 Situation: a student gives her opinion about the new look of Alun-alun Malang.
Which conversation shows the situation? 
A. Dinda: Let’s go to Alun-Alun Malang
Wina: Sure
B. Dinda: we can enjoy play ground at Alun-Alun Malang
Wina: You are right.
C. Dinda: Now, Alun-alun Malang is more interesting.
Wina: That’s right.
D. Dinda:Do you know Alun-Alun Malang?
Wina: not yet

3 Instruction: Read the following conversation between a mother and a daughter. Fill up the blank spaces with the best expression
Sita : Hi, Mom
Mother: Hi, Sita how are you?
Sita : very well , thanks. What about you?
Mother: wonderful. What’s up? You look different today. 
Sita : Look at this. I got 100 for my English Test. 
Sita : Thank you so much Mom.
Mother: You’re welcome, honey.
A. You’re kidding
B. Are you serious? 
C. Nothing to lose
D. You are super

Dialog for no 4 to 6

Situation: There are two students are eating in canteen. They are talking about food. 
Bram: By the way, have you ever eaten Bakso near The Museum?
Nando: No, I haven’t. Why?
Bram: People say that Bakso near the museum is delicious. Yet, I think Bakso in our school is the most delicious Bakso in our town. 
Nando: Really? Wow.

4 What does the bold-typed sentence mean? It means the speaker wants to…
A. give opinion
B. Check understanding 
C. ask for understadning
D. admire someone

5 Which of the following expressions shows appreciations?
A. by the way
B. no I haven’t 
C. really?
D. wow!
6 What is the topic of the text? 
A. town
B. Bakso 
C. School
D. Museum

7 Two girls are at Alun-alun Kota Malang, they want to enjoy the scenery there. Then, one of the girls ask her friend to lay down on the grass.

Sita: What do you think of Alun-alun Malang? 
Rina: I think it is scenic.
Sita: Rin, why don’t we lay down on the grass?
Rina: I don’t think we can lay down on the grass. Look at that caution (pointing on the caution) Sita: Oops, I don’t realize it. Ok, let’s sit down on the bench, then.

What is the problem in the text?
A. The girls are enjoying Alun-alun Kota Malang 
B. The two girls have to watch Alun-alun Malang 
C. People are prohibited to pass on the grass
D. Sita and Rina sit on the Grass at Alun-alun Malag

8 Text for no 8 to 10
Nina : Hi, guys. What about our project?
Wayan: Come on, we should start soon. Bu Emy asked us to submit the project before December the 6th.
Mira : what about doing it tomorrow in my house. My father can help us to check our writing
Wayan : That’s a good idea. Your father is an english teacher right?
Nina : That’s s brilliant. May be he wants to give comments and suggestion to our drama as well.
Mira : Of course, he will be very hapy to help us.Alright, then. See you. Nina and Wayan: See you.
Which sentence shows giving opinion?
A. What about our project?
B. Come on, we should start soon 
C. what about doing it tomorrow in my house.
D. Alright, see you tomorrow, every one.

9 Who gives the project?
A. Nina
B. Emy 
C. Wayan
D. Mira

10 The people in the text will perform...
A. speech
B. choir 
C. drama 
D. quizz

Text for no 11 to 14
Dina : Hi, Ani. Are you okay? You look so pale.
Ani : Hi, I am very sleepy. I stayed up late last night. 
Dina : Really? What were you doing?
Ani : I could not sleep because I got sore throat and severing.
Dina : Well, you should drink hot water so it can heal your sore thoat. Also, You should drink cough medicine so you can sleep tightly.
Ani : I gree with you but I am alone in the hous and I am too weak to stand up.
Dina : May be you should prepare water heater in your room so that you can prepare hot water by yourself.
Ani : Briliant idea. Thank you so much for your idea Dina.
Dina : My pleasure, Ani. Get well soon.
Ani : Thank you so much. Well, I must be off now. Dina : See you later.

11 Ani and Dina are mostly talking about...
A. Sore throat
B. Water heater 
C. Leaving alone in the house
D. How to stay ehalthy

12 Here are the suggestions from Dina, except...
A. Going to a doctor
B. Drinking hot water 
C. Having medicine
D. Preparing water heater in the bed room

13 Ani cannot prepare hot water because she...
A. is alone in her house
B. is afraid to go outside her house 
C. Got terrible sore throat
D. Slept tightly in her bed room.

14 From the text above we know that...
A. Dina lives alone
B. Dina is Ani’s mother 
C.Ani got little time to sleep last night
D. Ani knows much about sore throat

Dialog for no 15 to 17
Wina: Hi, Riska. How are you?
Riska: Hi, Wina. I am great, thanks. What about you?
Wina: I am fine too, thank you. Riska, I heard that you go to final round for your Chess Competition?
Riska: Yes, you are right.
Wina: Owesome. Congrats, girl. You have to practice more in order to be the winner in the event. Riska: I will ask my brother or my father to play with me.
Wina: Are they chess coaches?
Riska: No, they are not. I just ask them to play with me. That’s all.
Wina: I guess, you should find some one who is master in chess and the person is also a chess coach. The person can give you suggestion about the way you play chess so that you will know how master you are in chess.
Riska: I agree to you. That’s a good idea. I will ask my Dad to find a chess coach, then.
Wina: Alright, once again congrats and good luck for the next round.
Riska: Thanks. Well, the bell rings. Let’s get inside.
Wina: Come on.

15 They are mostly talk about chess’s....
A. match
B. practice 
C. class
D. exhibition

16 Riska felt happy because next round of chess match
A. hopped
B. changed 
C. moved
D. continued

17 Which of the following sentence shows giving suggestion?
A. What about you? Mr. Boy’s task.
B. I guess, you should find some one who is master in chess
C. I will ask my Dad to find a chess coach, then.
D. once again congrats and good luck for the next round.

Dialog for no 18 to 19
Titia : Hey, turn down the television! I am studying. 
Siska : Oh, sorry. I don’t know.
Titia : Please turn it down.
Siska : O.K.

18 What is Titia doing? She is….
A. studying
B. sleeping 
C. watching television
D. turning down the television

19 Which of the following expression shows giving instruction?
A. Hey, turn down the television!
B. I am studying. 
C. I don’t know.
D. Oh, sorry.

Dialog for no 20 to 22
Chica : Can we have a talk? 
Diana : Yes. What's up?
Chica : I'm gonna tell you that you're chosen to be our representative to join Indonesia-America Students Exchange.
Diana : Really. Who said that?
Chica : Our English teacher, 
Mrs. Ita.
Diana : Thanks for telling. Do you think I'm capable enough?
Chica : I think so. Your English is good. And, you always win the best student in our school. I thought you are capable to be our representative. Diana : Thank you. I hope I can do my best.
Chica : So do I. Don't forget to bring me a special gift from there.
Diana : Don't worry.

20 Who will be the representative of Indonesia-America Students Exchange?
A. The writer
B. Diana 
C. Chica
D. Chica and Diana

21 Which one is the expression asking opinion?
A. Can we have a talk? 
B. Thanks for telling.
C. Do you think I'm capable enough?
D. Don't forget to bring me a special gift from there.

22 The following are the expressions of asking attention, EXCEPT…
A. Wake Up! 
B. Focus! 
C. Pay attention! 
D. It’s so difficult!

23 Dialog for 23 to 24
Anna :Hey, Tom, you know what? My short story will be published in Hello
Magazine next month!
Tom :That’s amazing, Anna!
Anna :Thank you. I really worked hard for that story.
Tom :I know you did, and I’m sure it’s a great story. I can’t wait to read it.

What happened to Anna?
A. Her story will be published.
B. Her story is in the newspaper.
C. She won a storytelling competition. 
D. She got a good mark for her story.

24 Which one is the expression of giving appreciation?
A. I know you did
B. I really worked hard 
C. That is amazing..
D. I can’t wait to read it.

Dialog for no 25 to 26
Soni : Dad, my school plans to have a camping next holiday.
Father : Okay, no problem. But, still you have to tell your mother about it. 
Soni : Do you think she will permit me, Dad?
Father : I think so.

25 What is the dialog about? It is about…
A. school programs. 
B. family plans
C. permission for class activity
D. preference to join school activity

26 Which of the following choices shows expression of asking opinion?
A. My school plans to have a camping next holiday
B. Okay, no problem.
C. You have to tell your mother about it. 
D. Do you think she will permit me, Dad?

Dialog for no 27 to 30
Rara : Look, so many students are drug user now.
Sasa : That’s true. I watched the news about that on TV. It’s so sad, isn’t it?
Rara : I think so. And I think it is very dangerous for the young generation like us. 
Sasa : I agree with you. What do you think we can do about that?
Rara : In my opinion, we have to be more careful in choosing our friends because they can influence us to use drugs.

27 Which of the following expressions shows getting someone’s attention?
A. Look
B. It’s so sad, isn’t it
C. That’s true
D. I agree with you

28 Which of the following expressions shows giving opinion?
A. Look
B. It’s so sad, isn’t it
C. That’s true
D. I think so

29 How does Sasa know that so many students are drug user now?
A. By watching TV
B. By thinking seriously
C. By choosing good friend
D. By asking opinion

30 According to Rara, friends can influence us to use drugs.
It means that we must be careful ….
A. in watching TV C. in giving opinion
B. in choosing friends D. in asking opinion

31 Situation: You are in school canteen and you find this notice there

What does the notice mean? It means we must... 
A. drink snack in the area
B. throw rubbish in rubbish bin
C. make a line in eting
D. pay the snack directly before eating

32 Which of the following dialogs that is suitable with situation given?
Situation:Nina is carrying many books. She needs a help from someone else. Nina sees Ira is sitting down and not doing anything. She asks Ira to help her.

A. Ira : “Hi, what are you doing?” Let’s sit here!
Nina : “I am sorry, I am busy.”
B. Nina : Ira, you bring so many books. Do you need any help?
Ira : No, thanks. That’s okay.
C. Ira : “Nina, what books do you bring?”
Nina : “I bring so many books inside my bag.”
D. Nina : “Ira, are you busy? Will you help me?”
Ira : “Oh, sure. My pleasure.”

33 Situation:A teacher asks a student to out a book on a table. The student follows her instruction.

34 Text for no 34 to 35
What kind of text is this? It is a/an...

To: Rizal

Congratulations on your success as the winner of the Youth Scientific Contest 2015. We really are proud of you.

Best love,
Uncle Syukur and Family

A. instruction
B. Greeting card 
C. invitatation
D. schedule

35 Who is Rizal? Rizal is…
A. the writer of the text
B. the nephew of the writer 
C. The son of Mr. Sukur
D. Mr. Sukur’s friends

36 Which sentence shows appreciation?
A. Congratulations on your success.
B. The winner of the Youth Scientific Contest 2015
C. We are really proud of you
D. Best Love, Uncle Syukur and Family

Text for no 37 to 39
Dear, Jude...
You are really an intelligent student in this school. You have achieved the highest score on the UN examination
Congratulation! I am very proud of you.


37 Why does the mother write this card to Jude? It is because she wants to…Jude.
A. inform
B. congratulate 
C. retell
D. explain

38 …you have achieved the highest score.
What is the closest meaning of the underlined word?
A. taken
B. given 
C. bought
D. succeeded

39 What achievement did Jude get? He got...
A. the highest score of final national exam
B. the best scorer of football match
C. the best catwalt of modeling competiton
D. the first winner of science competition

Text for no 40 to 41
To: Ahmad Fikri

For Being a bright and enthusiastic student in 1/2J. Your bright smile lights up our classroom everyday. Great work this year Fikri.


40 What is the text about? It is about…
A. being a bright student 
B. congratulating someone 
C. cheering up Fikri
D. Praying for Joanne’s success.

41 Which of the following statements is true about the text?
A. Fikri wishes for Joanne’s bright future
B. Joanne feels proud of Fikri’s achievement and spirit
C. Joanne and Fikri are the stars of the class
D. Fikri wants to be the smartest student in the classroom

42 Instruction: Complete the blank space with suitable expression
Manda: Hi. Lala. Do you have some pencils? Can I borrow one? 
Lala: Sure, I have…(42) pencils. Which one do you choose?
Manda: The blue one.
Lala: Here you are.
Manda: Thanks.
A. any
B. few 
C. some
D. a little

43 Instruction: Complete the blank space with suitable expression
Citra: Hi, Nala. Do you bring the flour that Bu Yanti asked us to bring? 
Nala: Of course, what about you?
Citra: Yes, …(43) flour do you bring? 
Nala: I bring a pack of flour
A. how much
B. how many 
C. how long
D. how wide

44 Instruction: Complete the blank space with suitable expression
Winda: Do you bring some pens?
Nita: No, I don’t bring…(44) pens.
A. any
B. few 
C. some
D. many

Text for no 45 to 47

Finally, you did it!

You have finished your study with flying color. Your achievement proves you're the best! You really deserve it, buddy


Mom and Dad

45 The purpose of writing the text is to...
A. congratulate someone achievement
B. support the person to achieve better score
C. inform their the person that he becomes the best student at school
D. hope the person to be the best student at school.

46 Who receives the text?
A. a lawyer
B. a student 
C. a captain
D. a teacher

47 From the text, we know that...
A. The senders are smart people
B. the senders are regrets of the addresee
C. The addressee worked hard to get his achievment
D. The addressee got a present

Text for no 48 to 50

Dear, Ilma.

The big Family of 8.B SMP Tunas Bangsa is proudly congratulate you on winning the cooking contest. There is no sweet without sweat. Keep on practising and we will always support you to

reach your dream of becoming a professional chef. Hugs,
Mrs. Barack

48 based on the text Ilma has just ...the firs t winner of cooking contest
A. achieved
B. continued 
C. failed
D. missed

49 The purpose of writing the text is to...Ilma’s success
A. Appreciate
B. Inform 
C. Support
D. Describe

50 There is no sweet without sweat. This sentence shows us that Ilma is a...person
A. kind
B. lovely 
C. independent
D. Hard working
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