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Soal PAT Bahasa & Sastra Inggris Kelas XI SMA Semester 2 Tahun 2023, Online dan PDF

Soal PAT Bahasa & Sastra Inggris Kelas XI SMA Semester 2 Tahun 2023, Online dan PDF - Pembelajaran diberlakukan siswa kelas 11 agar mendapatkan nilai terbaik dalam penyelenggaraan ujian Penilaian Akhir Tahun atau PAT semester 2. Terutama di mapel Bahasa & Sastra Inggris di jurusan Bahasa untuk satuan pendidikan pengguna Kurikulum 2013 Revisi.

Materi Soal PAT Bahasa & Sastra Inggris Kelas 11 Tahun 2023 diselaraskan berdasarkan KI dan KD serta jenis persoalan Asesmen Kompetensi Minimum atau yang disingkat AKM. 

Selanjutnya, Bapak/Ibu guru pengajar dapat menggunakan lembar ujian PAT Bahasa & Sastra Inggris Kelas 11 ini sebagai referensi dalam melakukan penyusunan naskah asli PAT Bahasa & Sastra Inggris XI..

Soal PAT Bahasa & Sastra Inggris Kelas XI SMA Semester 2 Tahun 2023, Online dan PDF

Soal PAT Bahasa & Sastra Inggris Kelas XI SMA Semester 2 Tahun 2023, Online dan PDF

Hasil ujian PAT di mata pelajaran Bahasa & Sastra Inggris tersebut akan digunakan untuk mengukur capaian kompetensi siswa sesuai Standar Kompetensi Lulusan yang telah diresmikan di mata pelajaran Bahasa & Sastra Inggris kelas 11. Dan menjadikannya sebagai penentu kenaikan kelas siswa ke tahap berikutnya.

Selamat mengerjakan..
(Full PDF (+50 butir) dan Kunci Jawaban di akhir artikel)

Text for number 1 to 4

1. Who will join the annual meeting in Semarang?
a. The director of Hotel Prasasti Solo
b. Kania Saraswati
c. The PR Manager of Alibaba Hotel
d. The managers of hotels in Semarang
e. Mrs. Salsabila Yafi and Mr. Anggi

2. What is the purpose of the letter?
a. to promote Prasasti Hotel
b. to send two managers to Semarang for an annual meeting
c. to book rooms in Alibaba Hotel
d. to reconfirm the room reservation
e. to offer a hotel accomodation

3. How long will they stay in Semarang? They will stay for....
a. five days
b. four days
c. three days
d. two days
e. one day

4. Who is the receiver of the letter?
a. Hotel Prasasti Solo
b. The public relation of Alibaba Hotel
c. Mrs. Salsabila Yafi
d. Kania Saraswati
e. The manager of Hotel Prasasti Solo

5. I’d like to ...... a room in your hotel
a. information
b. reserve
c. schedule
d. period
e. table

6. I have you booked on a flight in the afternoon. Your tickets will ...... in the mail within three days.
a. table
b. schedule
c. vacancy
d. arrive
e. period

Text for number 7 to 9
7. ____________
a. May I help you?
b. Who’s this?
c. What number did you call?
d. I have to hang up now
e. Can I leave a message?

8. _____________
a. table
b. Ticket
c. confirmation
d. reservation
e. accomodation

9. ______________
a. fee
b. charge
c. cost
d. tariff
e. pay

Text for number 10 to 12
10. The leaflet above advertises .....
a. clothes
b. stationery
c. fashion
d. property
e. store

11. According to the text, if we use the product,.....
a. We can write
b. We will get a discount
c. We will write better
d. We can get good score
e. Our writing looks perfect

12. From the text, we know that Penipolo products .....
a. Are cheap and popular
b. Are unboxed
c. Have beautiful design
d. Are expensive
e. Are difficult to get

Text for number 13 to 14
13. What does the banner promote?
a. A home
b. Apartments
c. Discount
d. Bedrooms
e. Furniture

14. From the banner, we can conclude that .......
a. We can get 5% discount if we book one unit
b. There are only two bedrooms apartments available
c. We can call the phone number if we want to know the condition of the apartments
d. The apartments offered are small like home
e. There is no website provided in the banner

Text for number 15 to 17
15. The text is about .....
a. Five star resorts
b. How to distribute brochures
c. Travel destination
d. Travel brochures
e. How to get a brochure

16. The most important part of travel brochures are .....
a. destination
b. address
c. photos
d. texts
e. contact number

17. The reason why a brochure include pictures of people having a good time is .....
a. To make the cost of the brochure cheaper
b. To make people reach the destination easily
c. To convince the readers that the brochure is not take
d. To help the readers imagine themselves at the destination
e. To draw the readers get the brochure as soon as possible

Text for number 18 to 21
18. What can we learn from the brochure?
a. It advertises a school
b. It is a vacancy for tutors
c. It doesn’t include the address of the institution
d. It shows the prices of the services
e. It is addressed to students at elementary and high school

19. The institution shows the best result in the following subjects, excepts .......
a. Math
b. Science
c. English
d. Economics
e. Technology Information and Communication

20. From the brochure, we know that ..........
a. The tutor comes once a week
b. There will be a test once a week
c. The test report will be displayed on the board
d. The test will be sent via Whats App
e. Elementary school students can only take three subjects

21-40 jenis AKM di lampiran terlampir.
  • Soal PAT Bahasa & Sastra Inggris Kelas XI SMA v1 dan Kunci Jawaban, UNDUH
  • Soal PAT Bahasa & Sastra Inggris Kelas XI SMA v2 (Asesmen), UNDUH
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