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Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII Tahun 2022/2023 Semester 2

Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII Tahun 2022/2023 Semester 2 - Berikut ini adalah artikel lembar ujian Soal Penilaian Akhir Tahun (PAT) 2022/2023 di mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII SMP Semester 2 Kurikulum 2013 Revisi. Ujian tersebut digunakan untuk mengukur capaian kompetensi siswa dan hasilnya akan di evaluasi untuk menentukan kenaikan siswa.

Materi Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Tahun 2023 dibuat berdasarkan Kisi Kisi dari satuan pendidikan dan MGMP serta diselaraskan dengan KI dan KD mapel terkait. 

Selanjutnya, Peserta didik dapat menggunakan lembar ujian PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 ini sebagai referensi untuk mempersiapkan diri menghadapi ujian. Sedangkan bagi guru bisa menyalin sebagian atau seluruh soal untuk melakukan penyusunan naskah asli.

Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII Tahun 2022/2023 Semester 2

Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII Tahun 2022/2023 Semester 2

Contoh Latihan Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII Semester 2 (Genap) kurtilas ini terdiri lebih dari 50 butir pilihan ganda disertakan kunci jawaban, lampiran PDF, dan paket prediksi yang bisa diunduh secara gratis. 

Selamat mengerjakan..
(Full PDF (+50 butir) dan Kunci Jawaban di akhir artikel)


Read the text below to answer the questions below!
Cindy is a seventh grade student in Semesta Junior High School. She is a new student. She looks cheerful and easy to be friend. Cindy is a good student. She is never late come to school. She always wears good clothes. Her shoes and her bag always clean. She never forgets to bring her book and her stationary. She placed her stationary in the pencil case neatly.
She has almost all kind of stationary, such as pencil, pen, eraser, sharpener, and more. She is never put ruler in the pencil case, because her ruler is longer than her pencil case. In daily, she prefers using pencil than pen. She assumes that using pencil is more comfortable. Besides, once she made mistake in writing, she easily remove by using rubber.
1. What does Cindy use to rub out pencil writing?
a. pencil
b. protractor
c. rubber
d. triangle

2. Does Cindy put a ruler inside her pencil case?
a. Yes, she is
b. No, she is not
c. No she does not
d. Yes, she does

3. Where does Cindy study?
a. in Semesta Junior High School
b. in Senior High School
c. in Alam Junior High School
d. in Junior High School

4. Who is Cindy?
a. a ninth grade student
b. a seventh grade student
c. a junior high school teacher
d. an eighth grade student

5. What is the function of pencil case?
a. To keep her stationary
b. For broadening our knowledge
c. To show equality at school
d. For drawing straight lines at specific angles

6. Someone who is not willing to work or use any effort.
a. jealous
b. greedy
c. lazy
d. neat

7. Complete the dialogue below!
Shane : ...after back from school, Nick?
Nicky : I usually take a rest for a while
a. what do you usually do?
b. what time?
c. where are you?
d. how you do that?

8. Indah is always putting a lot of work. What is the similar word of "putting a lot of work"?
a. hardworking
b. sociable
c. skilful
d. brave

9. Complete the dialogue below!
Mark : plastics really made our river worse. Not only river even our environment
Kean : You're righ. Let's ... the use of plastics by bringing our own bag or pouch when we shop
a. reuse
b. burn
c. reduce
d. throw

10. What is meaning of "cheerful"?
a. lucu
b. dermawan
c. ceria
d. arogan

11. kangaroo can ....
a. swim
b. climb
c. jump
d. fly

12. My brother is a brave man, he is ....
a. want more than he needs
b. know how to behave suitably
c. willing to give money or help other people freely
d. never fear anything and like to confronts to bad things

13. A person who takes care of sick people is ....
a. a nurse
b. a lawyer
c. a farmer
d. a postman

14. My mother works at hospital. She is a ....
a. tailor
b. sailor
c. nurse
d. pilot

15. Mita uses ... to take notes in the classroom or write your homework.
a. a school bag
b. a desk
c. a ruler
d. a notebook

16. Agus is friendly with his neighbours. What is opposite of "friendly"
a. shy
b. impatient
c. unfriendly
d. unskilled

17. I use ... to cut paper or string.
a. a ballpoint
b. scissors
c. a ruler
d. a rubber

18. Andrew has been writing a lot of bestselling books. He is an ....
a. seller
b. author
c. designer
d. dentist

19. A person who flies a plane called a ....
a. painter
b. driver
c. pilot
d. photographer

20. cheetah can ....
a. swim fast
b. climb fast
c. fly fast
d. run fast

Nomor 21-50  di lampiran terlampir.
  • Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII SMP v1, UNDUH
  • Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII SMP v2, UNDUH
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