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Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA 2021/2022 Semester 2

Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA 2021/2022 Semester 2
Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA 2021/2022 Semester 2 - Dokumen Penilaian Akhir Tahun atau PAT semester genap mata pelajaran wajib (semua jurusan) Kurikulum 2013 Revisi format Online dan PDF Terbaru gratis dan lengkap disertai Kunci Jawaban.

Materi Ujian Penilaian Akhir Tahun Bahasa Inggris diselaraskan berdasarkan standar Kurtilas yang berimprovisasi dengan persoalan asesmen. 

Selanjutnya, latihan soal PAT SMA Kelas 12 ini dapat digunakan Bapak/Ibu guru untuk  referensi dalam menyusun lembar ujian PAT Bahasa Inggris XII di pembelajaran tatap muka terbatas. 

Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA 2021/2022 Semester 2

Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA 2021/2022 Semester 2

Selamat mengerjakan..

Text 1 for questions no 1-2
Paris is the capital city of France. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is also one of the world’s most crowded cities. Lovely gardens and parks are found throughout Paris. At night, many palaces and statues are lit up. For this reason, Paris is often called the city of light. Every year, millions of people visit Paris. The most popular place to visit is the Eiffel Tower. This huge structure has become the symbol of Paris. D’Louvre, one of the world‘s largest art museums draws many visitors. The Cathedral Notre Dame, a famous church, is another favorite place to visit.

1. What is the monologue about?
A. Paris
B. The louvre
C. Guide
D. A narrative
E. A recount

2. “The symbol of Paris is the Eiffel fence.”
The statement above is it true or false?
A. True
B. False
The reason : …

Text 2 for questions no 3-7
Petruk cave is one of the leading tourist attractions in Kebumen, Central Java. The cave is located in the dukuh Mandayana Candirenggo Village, Ayah District, Kebumen regency. In the petruk cave there is no lighting that illuminates the cave. It is still very natural cave so that petruk cave is very dark to be entered. Petruk cave’s name is taken from the punokawan of puppet characters that is Petruk. The cave Named Petruk cave because the length of cave is as long as petruk’s nose.
In the cave there are 3 floors that are the first is a basic cave, Hindu caves and Petruk cave. The base cave is a short cave which is just 100 meters away. The cave is used for tourist attractions. Hindu cave is part of the cave that is usually used to put offerings to the ancestor. Inside Petruk cave there are so many stalactites and stalagmites which are really awesome. If you want to explore this cave, you must be led by guides who are ready to take you through the cave. After arriving at the end of the cave, you can see the beach or waterfall located near at the end of the cave

3. (PG-1) What is the text purpose?
A. To inform readers about tourism in Kebumen
B. To entertain reader about Petruk Cave
C. To explain the reader about floors in Petruk Cave
D. To Introduce the Local tourism in Kebumen
E. To describe Petruk Cave

4.  Petruk cave named as one of character in Punokawan puppet because the cave’s length is as long as Petruk’s leg.
The statement above is it true or false?
A. True
B. False
The reason : …

5. Which part of Petruk Cave which used for place to put foods for ancestor?
A. In the basic cave
B. In petruk cave
C. In Hindu Cave
D. In front of the cave
E. Inside the cave

6. Tell me! how’s your feeling when reading the text above!
The Answer : …

7.  What is “lead” means in paragraph 2?
A. Guide
B. Take
C. Bring
D. Put
E. Place

Text 3 For Questions 8-9
To: all employees
There will be a blackout each Saturday during this month. Consequently, we will use the generator as the electric source. So, please do not use air conditioners on Saturdays.
Please don’t forget to turn off the lights, computers, printers during the break as usual.

8. (PGK-BS-1) You read the announcement in a company. Is it true or false?
A. True
B. False
The reason : …

9. (PG-1) According to the text, what should the employees turn off each Saturday?
A. Computers
B. Air conditioners
C. Lamps
D. Printers
E. Generator

Text 4 for questions 10-12
A Trip to the Zoo
Yesterday my family and I went to the zoo to see the elephant. When we got to the zoo, we went to the shop to buy some food to give to the animals.
After getting the food, we went to the nocturnal house where we saw birds and reptiles which only come out at night.
Before having lunch, we went for a ride on the elephant. It was a thrill to ride it. Dad fell off when he let go off the rope, but he was ok.
During the lunch we fed some birds in the park. In the afternoon we saw the animals being fed. When we returned home we were very tired but happy. It was because we had so much fun activities at many places at the zoo

10. (PG-1) What happened to the writer's dad when he rode an elephant?
A. He felt a thrill
B. He felt fun
C. He fell off
D. He was tired
E. He failed

11. (PGK-L1) Why did the writer and his family feel very tired after having a trip to the zoo?
A. They had to visit many places in the zoo
B. They took a long time to reach the zoo area
C. They had so much fun activities at the zoo
D. They had no time to take a rest in the zoo
E. They still enjoyed the zoo and its view

12. (PGK-L1) ... our family felt tired after visiting the zoo, we were still happy.
A. Eventhough
B. Because
C. Although
D. Nevertheless
E. Since

Text 5 for questions 13-14
General Sudirman was a high-ranking Indonesian military officer during the Indonesian national revolution. He was the first commander-in-chief of the Indonesian Armed Forces; he continues to be widely respected in the country. On 12 November 1945, at an election to decide the military’s commander-in-chief in Yogyakarta. The 24 years old Sudirman was chosen over Oerip Soemohardjo in a close vote. While waiting to be confirmed, Sudirman ordered an assault on British and Dutch forces in Ambarawa. The ensuing battle and British withdrawal strengthened Sudirman’s popular support, and he was ultimately confirmed on 18 December. General Sudirman commanded military activities throughout Java, including a show of force in Yogyakarta on 1 March 1949. When the Dutch began withdrawing, in July 1949 Sudirman was recalled to Yogyakarta and forbidden to fight further. In late 1949 Sudirman’s tuberculosis returned, and he retired to Magelang, where he died slightly more than a month after the Dutch recognized Indonesia’s independence. He is buried at Semaki Heroes’ Cemetery in Yogyakarta.

13. (PG-1) What is the monologue about?
A. A biography of General Soedirman
B. The family of General Soedirman
C. The death of General Soedirman
D. A spirit of General Soedirman for the Indonesian Armed Forces
E. The military forces commanded by General Soedirman

14. (PG-1) What can we infer from the monolugue?
A. His uncle’s name was also Soedirman
B. January is the month of Maulud
C. Soedirman was shot and died in the military war
D. Soedirman died when he was relatively young
E. Soedirman died on 1 March 1949

Text 5 for questoins no 15-17
The Rats and The Elephants
Once upon a time their lived a group of mice under a tree in peace. However, a group of elephants crossing the jungle unknowingly destroyed the homes of all the rats. Many of them were even crushed to death.
Then taking of rats decided to approach the elephant's chief and request him to guide his herd through another route. On hearing the sad story, the elephant's king apologized and agreed to take another route. And so the lives of the rats were saved.
One day elephant-hunters came to the jungle and trapped a group of elephants in huge nets. Then the elephant king suddenly remembered the king of the rats. He summoned on of the elephants of his herd, which had not been trapped, to go seek help from the king and told him about the trapped elephants.
The rat's king immediately took his entire group of rats and they cut open the nets which had trapped the elephant's herd. The elephant herd was totally set free. They danced with joy and thank the rats.

15.  What type of text is the above text? It is …
A. A narrative
B. A Report
C. An Explanation
D. A Procedure
E. A recount

16. What destroyed the homes of all rats?
A. A group of mice did
B. The hunter did
C. Elephant-hunter did
D. A group of elephant did
E. Elephant's herd

17. What helped the elephant's herd free?
A. The elephant-hunter did
B. The hunters did
C. The trapped elephants did
D. A group of king did
E. Entire group of rats did

Text 6 for questions no 18 – 21
Human body is made up of countless millions of cells. Food is needed to build up new cells and replace the worn-out cells. However, the food that we take must be changed into substances that can be carried in the blood to the places where they are needed. This process is called digestion.
The first digestive process takes place in the mouth. The food we eat is broken up into small pieces by the action of teeth, mixed with saliva, a juice secreted by glands in the mouth. Saliva contains digestive juice which moisten the food, so it can be swallowed easily.
From the mouth, food passes through the esophagus (the food passage) into the stomach. Here, the food is mixed with the juices secreted by the cells in the stomach for several hours. Then the food enters the small intestine. All the time the muscular walls of the intestine are squeezing, mixing and moving the food onwards.
In a few hours, the food changes into acids. These are soon absorbed by the villi (microscopic branch projections from the intestine walls) and passed into the bloodstream

18. What is the text about?
A. The digestive system
B. How food is processed in the human body
C. The process of digestion
D. The process of intestine work
E. The food substances

19. How can we swallow the food easily?
A. The food changes into acids absorbed by the villi.
B. The food must be digested first through the process.
C. The food is directly swallowed through esophagus into the stomach.
D. The food is mixed with the juices secreted by the cells in the stomach.
E. The food we take must be changed into substances carried in the blood to the places.

20. From the text above, we imply that …
A. a good process of digestive system will help our body becoming healthier.
B. no one concerned with the process of digestive system for their health.
C. the digestive system is needed if we are eating the food instantly.
D. everybody must conduct the processes of digestive system well.
E. the better we digest the food we eat, the healthier we will be.

21. Can You explain how’s the response of the body when we consume Akatte routine!
The Answer : …

Text 7 for questions 22 – 25
I personally think that reading is a very important activity in our life. Why do I say so? Firstly, by reading we can get a lot of knowledge about many things in the world such as Science, technology. Sports, arts, culture, etc written in either books, magazine, newspaper, etc.
Secondly, by reading we can get a lot of news and information about something happening in any parts of the world which can we see directly.
Another reason, reading can give us pleasure too. When we are tired, we read books, newspaper or magazine on the entertainment column such as comedy, short story, quiz, etc. To make us relaxed.
The last, reading can also take us to other parts of the world. By reading a book about Irian Jaya we may feel we’re really sitting in the jungles not at home in our rooms.
From the facts above, it’s obvious that everyone needs to read to get knowledge, information and also entertainment. Or in summary we can say reading is truly important in our life.

22. Why is reading very important in our life? Because…
A. By reading, we can get a lot of friends, relatives, experience, etc.
B. By reading, we can get little knowledge but a lot of entertainment.
C. By reading, we are always relaxed.
D. By reading, we are always happy.
E. By reading we can get a lot of knowledge, news, information and entertainment

23. If we want to get knowledge, what should we do?
A. Buy a lot of books
B. Borrow a lot of books
C. Look for newspaper and magazine
D. Sell and buy many expensive books
E. Read a lot of books and other printed materials.

24. What does the text tell us about?
A. The advantages of reading
B. The function of reading
C. The importance of reading
D. The disadvantages of reading
E. The purpose of reading

25. What is the social function of the text?
A. To tell a story
B. To describe the reader
C. To entertain the reader
D. To give information
E. To persuade the reader

Text 8 for questions 26-28
Glad if you can attend and laugh with us in
Graduation Party
In respect of our Daughter’s perseverance and persistence
Isyana Sarasvati has graduated from an MSI
(Master of Science from Bandung Institute Technology)
Accompany with us on
Sunday, Mei 30, 2019 at 8 p.m.
The Suite Room, Hermitage Hotel.
Afgan and Melly Goeslaw
RSVP 65412397

26. Who is graduated from Bandung Institute Technology?
A. Afgan
B. Melly Goeslaw
C. Isyana Sarasvati
D. Afgan’s son
E. Afgan and Melly Goeslaw

27. Based on the invitation text above, we can conclude that…
A. Melly Goeslaw is Isyana’s daughter
B. The party will be held in Hermitage Hotel
C. The party ended at 8 p.m
D. The party is to celebrate Isyana’s Birthday
E. Afgan and Melly Goeslaw have been graduate from Bandung Institute Technology

28. Make your own invitation letter to invite Pomosda Graduation to have a graduation gathering at Balairung ballroom!
The Answer : …
Text 9 for questions no 29-30
225 New Station Road,
Agra – 7
March 2, 2007
To: The Manager,
Navajivan Trading Co.

Dear Sir,
In response to your advertisement in “The Times of India” of today that you are on the lookout for enterprising and capable men who can take up market research for you, I respectfully offer myself as candidate for the post. I give below in brief my qualifications and experience in the line for your kind consideration.
I am a diploma holder in commercial courses from S.D. College of Commerce, Agra, and had taken marketing as my special subject of study. I have worked as a field investigator with Messrs Kirpal Marketing and Trading Co., Agra for about two years on a salary of Rs. 1 800/-p.m. and had the privilege of winning laurels from my superiors in regard to my work as well as general conduct.
I am a young man of about 24 years and possess good health and personality. I have pleasing manners, hardworking disposition and keenness for outdoor jobs. I am unmarried and can be posted to any area of the country for market study. I can speak, beside Hindi, Punjabi, and English, some southern languages too. I can join immediately.
I shall highly appreciate if an opportunity is given to me to explain my experience to you in person during my interview. Would you kindly let me know the time and date when it will be convenient for you? Thanking you, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
B.K. Bhalla

29. (IJS) What position does Bhalla apply for?
The Answer : …

30. (IJS) What will the company most probably do before inviting Bhalla to an interview?
The Answer : …
  • Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA v1 (Asesmen), UNDUH
  • Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA v2 (Kunci Jawaban), UNDUH
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