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Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas 11 Th 2023/2024 Online

Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas 11 Th 2023/2024 Online
Latihan PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMK - Pada kesempatan ini admin akan membagikani soal ujian penilaian akhir semester 1(ganjil) di mata pelajaran umum Bahasa Inggris agar digunakan sebagai contoh untuk membuat naskah asli di bulan desember tahun ajaran 2023/2024 mendatang. 

Keseluruhan butir berjumlah 40 butir bisa siswa pelajari sebagai alat untuk menambah pembelajaran agar mendapatkan nilai bagus untuk mapel english kurikulum 2013 revisi tersebut.

Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas 11

Choose A, B, C, D or E for the correct answer based on the text!

Text for No 1 – 5

Chaplin Performing Club of SMK Mentari
Dandelion street No.58 Solo 57166
Telephone (0271) 7643214

To : All members of Chaplin Performing Club

To prepare the celebration of the international performing art, I’d like you to come to meeting,
Day : November 27th, 2020
Time : 08.00am
Place : Hall of Balaikota Solo
Please come on time. Thank you
The Leader

1. Who makes the invitation card?
A. The leader of the class
B. The leader of students organization
C. The leader of Chaplin Performing Class
D. The leader of school
E. The headmaster of the school

2. What is the purpose of the invitation?
A. To invite students in celebrating the international performing art
B. To invite members of Chaplin performing club for meeting
C. To invite all students to have meeting at the international performing art
D. To invite all members of students organization for a meeting
E. To tell that Chaplin performing club will hold and event to celebrate the international performing art.

3. Where is the meeting held?
A. In the classroom
B. In the yard of Balaikota Solo
C. In the school hall
D. At the hall of Balaikota Solo
E. In the laboratory

4. When is the meeting?
A. At eight in the night
B. At eight in the morning
C. At nine o’clock
D. At six in the morning
E. At six in the night

5. Who must come to the meeting?
A. All members of Chaplin performing club
B. The teachers and the headmaster
C. All students in the school
D. All the students and their parents
E. The leader of school’s organization

Text for No 6 – 8
How to Remove Blackhead Using Baking Soda
 1 teaspoon baking soda
 1 teaspoon water

 Mix the baking soda and water to form a paste
 Splash your face few times with warm water to open your pores.
 apply the baking soda paste to your face, concentrating on the blackhead areas (t- zone)
 gently massage(don’t rub too hard) the paste into your skin exfoliate and loosen up your dead skin, blackhead and any other lurking underneath the surface.
 Leave the paste on your skin for at least 5 minutes.
 Rinse off the paste with warm water.
 Give your face a final splash with cold water to help restrict the pore.

6. What text is it?
A. Report text
B. Procedure text 
C. Narrative text 
D. News item
E. warning

7. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To tell some steps to make baking soda paste
B. To tell some steps to take after blackhead
C. To tell some steps to exfoliate skin
D. To tell some steps to remove blackhead using baking soda
E. To tell some steps to keep blackhead lurking

8. How long should we let the baking soda paste on our face?
A. A minute 
B. 2 minutes 
C. 5 seconds 
D. 4 minutes 
E. 5 minutes

Text for No 9 – 13
Dear Mr. Brown
I am writing this letter to file complaint for the unsatisfactory web development and SEO service that I received from your organization. I had lodged an informal complaint on July 15th 2020 where I had a conversation with one of your representatives.

I hired your service on June 1st 2020 but I am highly dissatisfied with the kind of work delivered to me. When I hired your service, I was promised with high page ranking and numerous other benefits but was served with only a few of them. The poor services offered by you led to adverse effect on the website traffic, thereby leading to great loss for our business.

I have also attached a copy of the previous conversations that I had with your representatives where in I informed them about the low quality service that was offered. Thus I would like you to review the service you offered us and thereby take improvising measures.

Hope you will take appropriate action considering my complaint.

Sincerely, Sarah Parker

9. What text is it?
A. Person – to business letter
B. Business – to business letter
C. Person to – person letter
D. Formal business letter
E. Invitation letter

10. To whom does the letter refer to?
A. Sarah parker
B. Web developer
C. Website trafficker
D. Mr. Brown
E. Mr. Brown’s representative

11. When did the complainer use a web development and SEO service?
A. The fifteenth of July 2020
B. The first of July 2020
C. The first of June 2020
D. The twentieth of June 2020
E. The fifteenth of July 2020

12. Why did the complainer expect by sending the letter?
A. She expect to get her payment back 
B. She expect to meet Mr. Brown soon 
C. She expect Mr. Brown to check the service
D. She expect to get improvising measure
E. She expect that her company is reviewed by Mr. Brown

13. I have also “attached” a copy of the previous conversation that I had with your representative …..? The underlined word has similar meaning to …..
A. Introduced 
B. Uploaded 
C. Enrolled
D. Completed
E. Entailed

Dialogue for No 14 – 17
Mother : David, please buy me a kilogram of eggs to make cake!
David : Where should I buy it , Mom? Mother : You can buy it in the mini market. David : I don’t know where the mini market is, Mom?
Mother : It is not far, just go there by your bike.
David : Can you show me the way to the mini market, Mom?
Mother : Go to the west from here. Go straight about two hundred meters until the crossroad.
David : Is the mini market near the crossroad?
Mother : No. From the crossroad, you turn left and go ahead about one hundred meters. David : Is there mini market?
Mother : There is a park. The mini market is on the left side of the park
David : I know it. I go to buy the flour now, Mom.
Mother : Take care!

14. Who gives direction?
A. David does
B. David’s mother does 
C. David’s father does 
D. Mother does
E. Father does

15. David should go to ….. from the house
A. East
B. Left
C. Ahead
D. West
E. south

16. The park is about ….. meters from the crossroad
A. 10
B. 1
C. 200
D. 1000
E. 100

17. The underlined sentence in the dialogue shows that …..
A. David doesn’t get the point on his mother direction
B. David is confused by his mother direction
C. David understands his mother direction
D. David hesitate his mother direction
E. David waits for his mother direction

Text for No 18 – 21
Rahma is a new student at Bandung. Rahma is planning to get to the bookstore after school. She knows the location but she isn’t sure about it. So she decided to open google maps. She walks to the bookstore since the maps says that it is about 500 meters from her school.
Rahma should go to the east for about 200 meters from her school. She finds an intersection. From the intersection the maps say she should turn left for 150 meters. She notices that she enters Duku street. Then, she sees a building painted in ivory with “Bright Side Bookstore” written in front of the bookstore. She decided to enter the book store.

18. Where does Rahma wanr to go?
A. Library
B. Duku street
C. Bandung 
D. Bookstore 
E. Intersection

19. How does Rahma go?
A. On foot
B. By motorcycle
C. By bus
D. By bicycle
E. By taxi

20. Where does Rahma go from her school?
A. To the west 
B. To the east 
C. To the north 
D. To the south
E. To the southeast

21. Where is the bookstore located?
A. Behind the workshop
B. In the middle of the crossroad
C. In front of the workshop
D. Next to Rahma’s house
E. At duku street

Text for No 22 – 26
Roby is a waiter in a famous restaurant in Italy. He just completed his degree at a hotel and tourism school. He always welcomes customers friendly. He offers the menu, takes the orders and serves the food to the customer. He also brings the bill to them. The customers are always satisfied with his service and give extra tips. Roby’s hard work brings himself to get an award as The Best Employee of the year in the restaurant.

22. What is Roby?
A. Business man
B. Owner of a restaurant
C. Students in tourism school
D. Waiter in a restaurant
E. Customer

23. Where does he work?
A. In a hotel
B. In a restaurant 
C. In a company 
D. In a factory
E. In a school

24. Below are Roby’s duties, except …..
A. Welcome customer
B. Offers menu to customer
C. Takes order from customer
D. Serves food to customer
E. Take money from customer

25. Where did he graduated from
A. Hotel and Tourism school
B. Hotel and Restaurant School 
C. Restaurant and tourism school 
D. Restaurant school
E. Hotel school

26. Why Roby become the best employee in the restaurant?
A. Because he is friendly 
B. Because he work hard 
C. Because he is diligent
D. Because customer satisfied with his service
E. Because he has degree from tourism school

Dialogue for No 27 – 30
Rere : Look at this blouse! It’s a new arrival.
Danila : It’s good. There are only five. It’s limited edition then.
Rere : I’ll try it. Let’s go to the dressing room!
Danila : Okay.
Rere : What do you think?
Danila : I think the model of this blouse is
match with your body shape. It suits on you..
Rere : Really? But I think the color is not good for my skin. You know, I have dark skin Danila : I don’t agree with you. You will look good with pink color.
Rere : So, I will buy this blouse then. 
Danila : Sure. What do you think about it? Rere : How much does it costs?
Danila : $ 23. I feel it’s fair for the material and model are good.
Rere : Exactly?

27. Where does the dialogue take place?
A. In a boutique
B. At school 
C. In a garden 
D. In a concert
E. In a traditional market

28. What does Rere buy?
A. A skirt 
B. A shirt 
C. T-shirt 
D. Blouse 
E. Jacket

29. From the italic sentence we know that
A. Rere agrees with Danila’s opinion
B. Danila doesn’t agree with Rere’s opinion
C. Danila agrees with Rere’s opinion
D. Rere gives her opinion
E. Rere asks for Danila’s opinion

30. The underlined sentence is the expression of ….
A. Asking for opinion
B. Agreeing with opinion
C. Disagreeing with opinion
D. Offering opinion
E. Giving opinion

Choose A, B, C, D or E for the correct answer!
31. In English assessment tes, Ani got 90, Caca got 80, Dian got 75 and Ella got 75. Which statement is correct according to the data above!
A. Ani got the least score
B. Ella got the highest
C. Ani is the cleverest students
D. Caca got higher score than Dian
E. Dian got lower score than Ella

32. Abdul can lift up to 100kg barbell.
Burhan can lift up to 80kg. Hasan can only lift up to 70kg.
From the fact above we can conclude that
A. Abdul is weaker than Burhan 
B. Burhan is stronger than Hasan 
C. Burhan is weaker than Hasan 
D. Hasan is stronger than Abdul 
E. Abdul is the strongest of all

33. Which one is the expression of asking for opinion?
A. I feel it just waste money to dine in the café
B. I’m sorry but for me the beverage is too sweet
C. What do you feel about the movie?
D. I think you should add more references for your thesis
E. I agree with you that English should be learned since we are kid

34. X : Good morning PT Fokus. Can I help you?
Y : ……….
A. May I help you
B. Could you take my message to Mr. Burhan?
C. May I speak to Mr. Burhan?
D. Thank you for taking my message
E. Who is speaking, please?

35. Which one is the expression of taking message in telephone?
A. Could I take your message, please? 
B. May I speak to Fira?
C. Could you put me through to Mr. Rahman?
D. Thank you for taking my message. 
E. Hello, Can I help you

36. Which one is the expression of receiving a telephone in an office! A. Hi, what’s up?
B. Hello, It is Angga
C. Hello, who is there?
D. Good morning with Go Company, may I help you
E. Could you leave a message?

37. X : I failed on the English test and I should follow the remedial.
Y You should ........ to past the test. 
A. Study hard
B. Studies hard
C. Studied hard 
D. Studying hard 
E. to study hard

38. Andi : I have a bad headache.
Budi : You’d better ...................... 
A. study hard
B. sleep at night 
C. take an aspirin 
D. do sport
E. have diet

39. Amir : I am not good at English. What should I do?
Budi : ..........................
A. I should practice English every day.
B. Why don’t you take an English course? 
C. Do you like English?
D. I must take an English course. 
E. Why don’t you go to England?

40. Anggi : I enjoy collecting used stamps. It gives special pleasure. What about you?
Dinda : I like ……. It gives me a lot of information.
A. traveling around the world
B. watching a new movie
C. reading newspaper. 
D. hiking to mountain
E. swimming at the pool


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