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Contoh Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMK K13 2023 Online dan PDF

Contoh Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMK K13 2023 Online dan PDF
PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMK - Demi menyambut ujian pelaksanaan penilaian akhir semester ganjil (1), kami dari blog central pendidikan akan membagikan contoh soal ujian bahasa inggris kelas 10 kurikulum 2013 dalam format online dan pdf yang bisa diunduh secara gratis.

Bahasa inggris merupakan mata pelajaran utama sebagai kompetensi kelompok A, tentunya hasil dari PAS tersebut akan menentukan kenaikan siswa. Selanjutnya akan digunakan untuk mempertimbangkan saat proses pendaftaran perguruan tinggi dan juga melamar kerja.

Maka dari itulah, siswa SMK juga mempersiapkan dan belajar sungguh-sungguh untuk mendapatkan nilai yang apik di mapel bahasa inggris kelas 10 ini. 

Contoh Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMK

Merupakan arsip dari naskah ujian daring SMK (Bahasa Inggris) kelas 10, tahun sebelumnya. Dimohon untuk menyesuaikan dan mencocokkannya dengan model ujian saat ini (daring maupun luring). Selamat mengerjakan..

1. Who are those people? Where are…from?
a. You 
b. They 
c. She 
d. It
e. My

2. Mom is a doctor. … works in a hospital.
a. You 
b. They
c. She 
d. It
e. My

3. The sky is getting dark. … is going to rain.
a. You 
b. They 
c. She 
d. It
e. My

4. … just left ten minutes ago. 
a. He
b. His 
c. Him
d. Me 
e. My

5. My brother told me not to touch … when he wasn’t at home.
a. He 
b. His 
c. Him 
d. Me 
e. My

This dialog is for questions no. 14-17.

Shinta : “I heard you won the first prize for your short stroy. .... (6)”
Wulan : “ ... (7).”
Shinta : “As your freind I’m ... (8).” 
Wulan : “Thank you.”
Shinta : “You deserve it because it’s a very good story.”
Wulan : “... (9)”

6. a. Congratulations!
b. Thank you
c. Very produd of you
d. Really!
e. What are you doing?

7. a. Very proud of you
b. Congratulations
c. Thank you
d. That’s a pity
e. I’m very proud of you

8. a. very proud of you 
b. thanks
c. thank you very much 
d. really
e. Sure

9. a. Really?
b. Of course 
c. Thank you 
d. Sure
e. No problem

10. Which statement is true?
a. Congratulation is the act of expressing joy or acknowledgement, as for achievement
b. Congratulation is the feeling of being grateful
c. Congratulation is something that you sayor do to greet
d. Congratulation is the feeling of being sorry for somebody
e. Congratulation is an arragement, a promise

11. Audrey: I just bought a new gown. What do you think about it?
Lala: .................................................
Audrey: Thanks.
The answer that describe a compliment is 
a. What a pretty gown.
b. I don't know.
c. How much it cost?
d. Where did you buy it?
e. What would you like?

12. What is a proper respond when someone compliments your looking?
a. I am actually not. 
b. No, you're lying!
c. Thanks, I appreciate that. 
d. Really? I don't think so.
e. Of course.

13. Andi: "I'm going to Japan for holiday next month."
Maya :
The correct responded expression for the above dialog is :
a. Congratulation
b. That's sound great!
c. No problem
d. Warm regards
e. You are the best.

14. Maya: Maya: I am going to the cinema tonight. 
Complete the dialog above with the correct expression!
a. Where are you going tonight?
b. Are you busy tonight?
c. Can i join you to the cinema?
d. Do you have any plan?
e. Are you join us?

15. Preposition of time used in expression of intention, except :
a. Tomorrow 
b. Next week
c. Tonight
d. Yesterday
e. Next Friday

16. Betty: Ben, have you find the books?
Beni: Sorry, I have searched for it, but I couldn't find it.
Betty: Beni: Thank you

Complete the dialog with the correct expression
a. Keep searching the book!
b. Don't give up!
c. I will help you to search for it 
d. Will you help me?
e. Do it your best!

17. Which one of the following sentences is not an expression of intention?
a. I am going to Jakarta next week 
b. I will help you finish this project 
c. I am cooking soup right now
d. I am going to join dance class next semester
e. My mother is going to pick me up tonight

18. Below are the expression of intention, except…
a. I’m planning to get married soon 
b. I would like to take a shower
c. Would you like a cup of coffee?
d. I’ll go for a vacation
e. I’m going to renovate the house

19. “Betapa Pedasnya ramen ini”
a. How a hot ramen
b. How hot is the ramen 
c. What a spicy ramen
d. What a spicy the ramen is 
e. How hot are ramen

20. “Betapa mewah pestanya”
a. How merry the feast is
b. What a spectacular event
c. How fantastic is the occasion 
d. What a wonderful program
e. How beautiful place

B. Complete the sentence below using subjective pronouns, objective pronouns and possessive pronouns

1. I’m interested to buy your bike. Could you please show to me?
2. This pink handphone case is
3. My sister told me not to touch when he wasn’t at home.

C. Fill in the blank from the dialogue below using expression of congratulating /

1. Situation:
Rima has just got the first prize in the “Bakiak Race” to celebrate Indonesia Independence day.
Widy congratulates her
What does Widy say to congratulate Siti?
Widy : “ .” Rima : “ Thank You ”
2. Situation:
Dewi has just finished drawing a picture of Lisna, his best Friend. He will present it to her on her birthday. Dinda praises the picture and she’s sure that Lisna will like it.
Dinda : “Dewi, that’s a beautiful picture. I’m sure Lisna will like it.”
Dewi : “ .”


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