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Contoh Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris SMA Terbaru Tahun 2022 ONLINE

Contoh Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris SMA Terbaru Tahun 2022 ONLINE - Ujian Sekolah Berstandar Nasional (USBN / US) yang awalnya juga mengadopsi sebagian naskah dari pusat, di tahun 2022 mendatang pihak sekolah akan mengerjakannya secara keseluruhan. Dengan pertimbangan kisi - kisi sudah dibuat sebelumnya.

Untuk membantu tenaga pendidik khususnya guru bahasa inggris dalam membuat soal USBN, pada kesempatan kali ini admin akan memberikan contoh Contoh Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris SMA Terbaru Tahun 2022 ONLINE dengan pengaplikasian soal asli sesuai dengan ketentuan dan kisi - kisi yang telah ditetapkan sebelumnya.

Contoh Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris SMA Terbaru Tahun 2022 ONLINE

soal USBN Bahasa Inggris SMA

Ujian di mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris ini dikategorikan mapel umum, yang keseluruhan siswa dan jurusan mengerjakannya.  Admin harap contoh latihan Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris SMA Terbaru Tahun 2022 ONLINE ini bisa dipergunakan sebagaimana mestinya. Dengan jumlah keseluruhan soal adalah 45 butir dalam bentuk pilihan ganda dan uraian, seperti pada soal USBN kemarin - kemarin. 

Sebelum itu, anda bisa mendownload file MP3 untuk Listening Section di bawah ini.

Selamat mengerjakan... 



Listening Section

In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are four parts to this section, with special directions for each part.

Part I

Questions 1 to 3


In this part of the test, you will hear some dialogues and questions spoken in English. The dialogues and the questions will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying.

After you listen to the dialogue and the questions about it, read the five possible answers, and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have just heard. Now, listen to a sample question.

You will hear:

Man : Do you like the meal?
Woman : Yes. It’s very tasty. I never thought you could cook. 
Man : I always cook with my mother every weekend.
Woman : I am amazed I didn’t do that.

You will also hear:
Narrator : What does the woman admire?
Sample answer

You will read in your test sheet: 
A. The man’s cooking.
B. The man’s mother’s meal.
C. The man’s diligence in cooking.
D. The way the man cooks.
E. How the man spends his weekend.

The best answer to the question ‘What does the woman admire?’ is choice (A), ‘The man’s cooking’.

Therefore, you should answer choice (A)
1. A. The woman’s dress
B. The elegant woman
C. The woman’s black dress
D. The woman’s appearance
E. The man complains about the woman

2.A. Sick
B. Tired 
C. Sleepy 
D. Thirsty 
E. Hungry

3.A. She passed the test
B. She did not pass the test
C. She has not seen the announcement
D. She prepared the test well
E. She will see the announcement

Part II Questions: 4 to 5
In this part of the test, you will hear some incomplete dialogues spoken in English, followed by four responses, also spoken in English. The dialogues and the responses will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying. You have to choose the best response to each question.

Now listen to a sample question.

You will hear:
Woman : I’m sorry I couldn’t come to your party last night.
Man : What happened? 
Woman : My father was very ill. 
Man : …

You will also hear:
A. I passed the exam.
B. I’m sorry to hear that.
C. I’m sorry I didn’t go there.
D. You must come to the next party. 
E. How lucky you are.

The best response to the statement ‘My father was very ill.’ is choice (B), ‘I’m sorry to hear that.’
Therefore, you should choose choice (B).

4. Mark your answer on your answer sheet
5. Mark your answer on your answer sheet

PART III Questions 6 to 7.


In this part of the test, you will hear some monologues spoken in English. The monologues will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to what the speaker is saying. After you listen to the monologue, look at the five pictures provided in your test book, and decide which would be the most suitable for the monologue you have just heard.



PART IV Questions 8 to 10.


In this part of the test, you will hear several monologues. Each monologue will be spoken twice. They will not be printed on your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speaker is saying.

After you hear the monologue and the question about it, read the five possible answers and decide which would be the best answer to the question you have just heard.

8.A. Examination result. 
B. Advice for studying.
C. The examination process. 
D. The writer’s experience. 
E. The writer’s role.

9. A. Cramming everything into your head the night before. 
B. Studying with the simplest material.
C. Taking break for a while. 
D. Eating some snacks.
E. Stretching your body.

10. A. 2 steps 
B. 3 steps 
C. 4 steps 
D. 5 steps 
E. 6 steps


11. Boy : Excuse me. Are you Salsa, Anissa’s cousin?
Girl : Yes. Who are you?
Boy : I am Fadhli, Anissa’s friend. She asked me to fetch you here. Have you been waiting for a long time?
Girl : Not Yet. My ship just anchored.
Where does the dialog take place? 
A. At the airport.
B. At the harbor. 
C. At the bus stop.
D. At the bus station.
E. At the railway station.

12. What would you say in reply to the following situation?
You are introduced to a woman who has won a Gold medal at the Olympic Games. 
A. Congratulations on your superb achievement.
B. Oh, I hope everything will turn out ok. 
C. You are almost as fast as a man.
D. Cool dude.
E. That’s too bad.

13. Ahmad : Any interesting news?
Annisa : Yes. Read this headline. Sheila on 7 made a big concert. I think it was the most spectacular concert in this era.
Ahmad : You’re right. Matureness didn’t prevent them from creating an extraordinary performance.
Annisa : ...

The most suitable expression is .... 
A. That’s good!
B. Keep on reading!
C. That’s a good idea!
D. What a great team! 
E. How lucky you are!

14. Rachmat … all of his friends to the celebration next week.
A. will invite
B. invites
C. invited
D. invitation
E. was invited

15. Man : What an unlucky day!
Woman : Why did you say that, dear? Is there a big problem?
Man : I only caught a few fish today. My boat is broken ... heavy waves. 
Woman : Don’t worry. We can repair it and catch more fish tomorrow.

What is the appropriate word to complete the dialogue above?
A. because
B. because of 
C. in order to 
D. moreover
E. so

The following text is for questions 16 and 17


Owing to the bad weather, the basketball match between Grade X-1 and Grade X-5, originally scheduled for tomorrow 8th May, will be cancelled. The match between Grade X-2 and Grade X-4 will be held on 11th May. Final match will be held on 15th and 16th May.

Sports Club

16. What is the purpose of the text?
A. to inform about a sports club
B. to inform about bad weather
C. to inform about a sports match
D. to inform about a basketball match
E. to inform about the delay of basketball matches.

17. Owing to the bad weather, the basketball match between Grade X-1 and Grade X-5 ...
The closest meaning of the underlined word above is …
A. Because
B. If
C. Based on
D. Related to
E. According to

The following text is for questions 18 and 19

Jl. Semut Raja No. 30
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
January 26, 2019

Human Resources
PT. Sriwijaya Magazine
Jl. Merdeka Raya No. 29
Palembang 30117

Dear Personnel Manager,

I would like to apply for an English copy writer position and I am enclosing a resume as requested.

I have graduated from University of Sriwijaya Palembang, majoring in English literature. Currently, I am working as an editor in a prominent publishing house. My responsibilities in my job enrich my knowledge of English Learning and Teaching. I have participated in several international Journalism Conferences, of which the Singapore conference was my greatest moment, when I was a keynote speaker representing Indonesia.

The requirements you mentioned really describe me. I am able to design various learning and teaching activities. Moreover, I am a fast-learner and good at multi-tasking.

Please look through my resume for additional information. You can contact me by email or mobile phone.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Yours,

Robby Sugara

18. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To take the opportunity to join English Conference in Singapore
B. To invite participants to join English Conference in Singapore
C. To offer a vacant position in publishing company
D. To inform the reader about the company
E. To apply for an English writer position in an English Magazine

19. The letter is addressed to ….
A. Robby Sugara
B. All candidates
C. Human Resource Officer 
D. PT. Sriwijaya Magazine 
E. English copy writer

The following text is for questions 20 and 21

My Most Unforgettable Holiday

In 2015, I went to Derawan Island with my friends and that marks my most memorable holiday ever!

In June, our school was having summer holiday, so we thought to ourselves that it shouldn't go to waste. We quickly browsed the internet to find a good holiday destination and after an hour of heated debate, the four of us agreed to give Derawan Island a try. It was purely out of curiosity as none of us had been there before.

We arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 05.30 a.m. as the flight was at 07.00 a.m. First, we flew to Balikpapan and waited for about an hour to continue the flight to Berau. As soon as we touched down in Berau, my friend called the tour agent that we had contacted earlier in Jakarta. They had got a car ready to take us to Labuan Batu. From Labuan Batu, we took a speedboat for about an hour to Derawan Island. It was such a long trip to Derawan but it all paid off as soon as we saw how beautiful the island was.

My friends and I were quickly ushered to our rooms in the resort. It was fantastic! The rooms were in a cottage that was situated right above the sea. So we only had to step out the terrace to find ourselves out in the open sea! After unpacking our luggage and washing up, we went to the dining hall to grab our dinner. The dinner was only simple seafood dishes. The surrounding totally enhanced the dining experience, making the food taste much better.

The following day, we took a speedboat tour, hopping from one island to another Our first trip stop was Kakaban Island where we hiked to reach the lake and swam among stingless jellyfish. The last time I heard, there were only three places in the world that have stingless jellyfish; two of them in Indonesia! Isn't that great? The next stop was the Sangalaki Island where we got to visit sea turtle conservation and took lots of pictures with sea turtle babies. They were so cute!

Our last stop was the Maratua Island where we were able to feed fish and see a three- legged sea turtle. The three-legged sea-turtle wasn't born that way. We were told that it was swimming in the open sea when it was still a baby then its leg got caught in plastic trash and couldn't grow even when the sea-turtle reached adulthood. One of the island's guards saw the sea- turtle and saved it. He also untangled the plastic trash that bound the sea-turtle's leg but it was too late. Since then, the sea-turtle is kept in a special space next to the resort in Maratua Island and the guards take turns feeding it to ensure its survival. This is why we should never litter and endanger other creatures! After Maratua Island, we headed back to Derawan Island to catch a late dinner and turned in.

The following morning, we wake up early and ate our breakfast in the dining room. Then, the driver drove us back to the airport so we could catch a flight back to Jakarta. We arrived at Jakarta, exhausted but terribly happy! It was the most unforgettable trip I have ever experienced so far!

20. What is the writer’s purpose in writing the text?
A. To share the readers the writer's most enjoyable experience. 
B. To inform to the readers about the beauty of Derawan Island. 
C. To invite readers to visit the holiday destination mentioned.
D. To give readers some insights on how to have a great holiday.
E. To warn readers to be careful and mindful in order to have a great holiday.

21. What did the writer learn in the Maratua Island?
A. Littering can endanger sea creatures.
B. We should save three-legged turtles from extinction.
C. Sea creatures depend on human beings for their survival. 
D. Maratua Island is the best habitat for three-legged turtles.
E. Save Maratua Island, and you will save the three-legged turtles.

The following text is for questions 22 and 23


When light goes down 
I see no reasons for you to cry 
We’ve been through this before 
In every time in every season 
God knows I’ve tried

So please don’t ask for more
Can you see it in my eyes?
But this might be our last goodbye

Carrie Carrie
Things they change my friends oh..oh. 

Carrie Carrie
Maybe we’ll meet again
Somewhere again

I read your mind 
With no intention 
Of being unkind
I wish I could explain
It all takes time
A whole lot of patience
If it is a crime
How can I feel no pain? 
Can you see it in my eyes?
But this might be our last goodbye

22. What is the theme of this song?
A. Hate 
B. Life 
C. Luck 
D. Pain 
E. Love

23. What does the song tell you about?
A. A person who doubts about his life.
B. A person who feels guilty to his friend. 
C. A person who separates from his friend. 
D. A person who has no pain.
E. A person who feels lonely.

The following text is for questions 24-27

Try the following tips
1. Stay out of the sun during peak hours. While these times may vary slightly depending on the season and where you live. You should be indoors if all possible between 10:00 and 15:00.

2. Keep covered up. Floppy hats and large umbrellas work well and so do cover-ups. Long- sleeved cotton shirts are excellent for hiking, cycling etc.; see your sports store for special brands that allow breathing as well as cover-up.

3. Use sunscreen on any exposed areas. An SPF of 45+ is recommended for it allows even the fairest skinned folks to stay out in the sun for a few hours before reapplying. Try chopstick on your lips. Follow the instructions on sunscreen carefully. Always reapply after leaving the water, as it’ll have washed off.

4. Don’t forget hard-to-reach places. Don’t forget to cover the backs of your knees, back of your neck, elbows and back of your ears (if you have short hair). Feet should also be included if you are wearing sandals, flip-flops or going bare-foot. Even these places can hurt a lot with sunburn.

5. Don’t lie in the sun purposefully seeking a tan. This is not only damaging to your skin but might burn you the first few times you try it at the beginning of the season. If you want to tan, do it gradually and sensibly, with short exposure and building up over time.

6. Put a small amount of oil or sunscreen in your hair so you will avoid burning your scalp. Or cover it with a hat. Some shampoos and hair conditioners contain SPF protection.

24. The text tells us about …
A. The steps to cure sunburn.
B. The ways to catch the sunlight.
C. The tips how to prevent sunburn.
D. The information how to apply sunscreen.
E. The warning to avoid sunlight during the day time

25. What is the writer’s intention in writing the text?
A. To explain how to stay out during the day. 
B. To discuss the information about sunburn.
C. To give some suggestion to avoid sunburn.
D. To tell the important ways to protect the sun.
E. To describe how to apply the sunscreen shampoo.

26. What should we wear to avoid sunburn?
A. Long-sleeved cotton shirt. 
B. Sleeved satin dress.
C. Wool sweater. 
D. Backless shirt.
E. Plastic cover up.

27. Why should we spend indoors between 10.00 and 15.00?
A. It’s recommended to lie in the sun to find a tan.
B. It’s the moment to put a small amount of oil in our hair.
C. It’s the time to wear floppy hats and large umbrellas. 
D. It’s the best time to avoid sun exposure from sunburn.
E. It’s suggested to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 45+.

The following text is for questions 28-31

The Magic Box

Once upon a time, there was a poor farmer who lived with his wife. One day, he dug up his field and found a big box. He took it home with him and showed it to his wife. His wife cleaned the box and kept it in their house.

One sunny morning his wife dropped an apple into it. Suddenly the box began to fill up with apples. No matter how many the apples were taken out, more apples took their place. So the farmer and his wife decided to sell the apples and in short time they were able to live quite comfortably.

One day, the farmer dropped a gold coin into the box. At once, apples disappeared and the box began to fill itself with coins. Every day, the farmer and his wife collected hundreds of gold coins from the box. Soon they became very rich.

Having heard that his son had gone rich, the farmer’s father visited the couple. He was not very strong and he could not go out to work anymore. So the farmer asked the old man to help him take the money out of the box. When his father told his son that he was tired and wanted to have a rest, the farmer shouted at him, “Why are you so lazy? Why can’t you work harder?”

The old man didn’t say anything, and continued to work until he fell into the box and suddenly died. At once, the money disappeared and the box began to fill up with dead bodies.

The farmer had to pull them out and bury them. To do this, he had to spend all the money he had collected. When he had used up all the money, the box broke and the farmer was just as poor as he was before.

28. The story is about….
A. An poor farmer and the magic box
B. An old farmer and his beautiful wife
C. An apple box with its magic
D. The broken box bring them into a rich family
E. The old man didn’t say anything

29. The complication started when.…
A. the farmer dug up a big box in his field, took it home, and showed it to his wife. 
B. the farmer and his wife sold the apples were able to live quite comfortably
C. the farmer dropped a gold coin into the box
D. his wife dropped an apple into a big box and suddenly the box filled up with apples. 
E. the apple disappeared and the box began to fill itself with coins.

30. Which statement is TRUE based on the story?
A. His wife cleaned and kept the box for herself
B. The box was full of valuable things when it was found
C. The farmer had to pull dead bodies of his father out and bury them
D. The poor farmer was finally killed by his father
E. the farmer’s wife was happy after the old father passed away

31. What did we learn from the story?
A. Being honest is not always wise
B. All that glitters is not good
C. It is good to be honest in life
D. We must respect our parents
E. Being a miser is sometimes important

The following text is for questions 32-34

School uniform is special clothes worn by all students of a particular school. The uniform of a school may differ from others. Why should schools use uniforms? Below are some reasons.

First of all, Notre Dame’s Department of Sociology produced a study in 1998 concerning school uniforms. Their findings using 10th grade students showed that uniforms have no direct effect on “substance abuse, behavioral problems or attendance.” It also claimed a negative effect on student achievements for those students considered ‘pro-school’.

Secondly, uniform helps to create a strong sense school ethos and a sense of belonging to a particular community. As such it promotes discipline and helps to drive up academic standards, which is why a uniform is often adopted by schools which are being reopened with a fresh start after being classified as failing.

Finally, uniform acts as a social leveler, under which all students are equal in the eyes of the school and of each other. In institutions without uniform students are often competitive and worry endlessly about their appearance and the clothes they should wear. Pupils without expensive designer clothes and trainers may be singled out as social outcasts, or stigmatized as being from poor backgrounds. For these reasons many parents prefer uniforms as they save them money on buying clothes for school wear. Considering the findings, schools should implement the uniform as their identity. The government should also publish some kind of rule which makes uniform compulsory for schools.

32. What is the writer position toward the text?
A. The writer gives some reason why the uniform helps smart students. 
B. The writer doesn’t agree to the rule of uniform
C. The writer elaborates the reasons of the uniform as the special clothes. 
D. The writer does not support the government rule
E. The writer makes the compulsory for school.

33. “As such it promotes discipline and helps to drive up academic standards …” (Paragraph 3). What does the word it refer to?
A. Community
B. School ethos
C. Research finding
D. A study
E. Wearing uniform

34. How many reasons are used to support the writer’s opinion?
A. One reason
B. Two reasons 
C. Three reasons 
D. Four reasons 
E. Five reasons

The following text is for questions 35-38

Recycling is important in today’s world if we want to leave this planet for our future generations. It is good for the environment, since we are making new products from the old products which are of no use to us. There are many reasons why it’s important to recycle as much as possible.

Making new products out of recycled materials reduces the need to consume precious resources. So recycling helps protect raw materials and protect natural habitats for the future.

Using recycling materials in the manufacturing process uses considerably less energy than that required for producing new products from raw materials.

Recycling reduces the need for extracting (mining, quarrying and logging), refining and processing raw materials all of which create substantial air and water pollution. As recycling saves energy, it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change.

There are over 1,500 landfill sites in the UK and, in 2001, these sites produced a quarter of the UK’s emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that is released as the biodegradable waste (such as food and paper) decomposes. Existing landfill sites are filling up fast and there is very limited space for new ones.

A massive reduction in the amount of waste we send to landfill is required if we are to avoid the heavy fines and the landfill taxes that are being imposed by Central Government on councils that exceed their landfill allowances. Increases in your Council Tax or service cuts in other areas would be the only way of paying these penalties.

35. What does the text highlight?
A. Reasons to recycle.
B. Conserving the energy.
C. Protecting the environment.
D. Environmental construction.
E. Saving money through recycling.

36. We know from the text that ... if we recycle.
A. landfill sites will decrease
B. climate change will continue
C. more new products will be reduced
D. natural habitats will never be affected
E. air and water pollution will be affected

37. ”Recycling reduces the need for extracting (mining, quarrying and logging), refining and processing raw materials all of which create substantial air and water pollution.”

Based on this quote, we conclude that the writer is telling us that ….
A. recycling saves us money 
B. recycling reduce landfill 
C. recycling saves energy
D. recycling conserves raw materials
E. recycling helps protect the environment

38. Recycling reduces the need for extracting ... it reduces pollution.
A. because
B. after 
C. where 
D. but
E. so

The following text is for questions 39-40

Mount Agung Eruption

Indonesia reduced the exclusion zone around a grumbling volcano on the resort island of Bali on Thursday after fears of an imminent eruption, allowing farmers to return to their homes.

The 3.000 meter Mount Agung remains on alert for a major eruption, but officials said the danger zone around the crater would be reduced to a six-km (four-mile) radius from 10 km. “Mount Agung remains in an eruption phase and could affect settlement. All parties are urged to remain caution,”

Agung Pribadi, press relations officer at the Natural Resources ministry, said in a statement. The volcano has been spewing lava and ash since late November, when authorities raised the alert status to the highest. On the other hand, Bali Airport was closed for three days, leaving thousands of Tourists stranded and prompting others to cancel their year-end holiday plans.

39. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To show an exclusion zone in Indonesia. 
B. To say that Bali island has been destroyed
C. To tell of an experience when going to Mount Agung
D. To announce that Bali Airport was closed for a renovation
E. To inform readers about the alert status after Mount Agung eruption

40. How did the Mount Agung eruption affect tourism in Bali?
A. Tourist lost their livelihoods
B. Many tourists attractions were badly damage
C. Tourists shortened their stay and left the island
D. No tourists were allowed into Bali
E. The government evacuated tourists to another country


41. Complete the dialogue below with the appropriate expression.
Mr. Alan : Excuse me, Can you help me? 
Receptionist : Yes sir, … (a)?
Mr. Alan : I have just arrived from Malang and I need a room for tonight.
Receptionist : Of course Sir. I will prepare the administration first. By the way, … (b) with your suitcase, it looks so heavy.
Mr. Alan : … (c) I can manage by myself

42. What can we learn from the caption

43. Complete the dialogue below using appropriate conditional expression.
Mother : Rani, the exam is around the corner. It is about time to go back to your study.
Daughter : Okay, Mom.
Mother : If ... (a), you have to study harder.
Daughter : Thanks Mom. By the way, I forgot where I put my motorcycle’s key?
Mother : If … (b), you must manage your own small things well
Daughter : OK Mom. I will

44. Rearrange the following sentences to form a correct manual!
1. Decide whether you want the phone photos to be erased.
2. Plug your phone into your PC. You can use the USB changing card that comes with your mobile phone.
3. Click import. Your photos should now be your window photos gallery.
4. Select the folder where you want to store your phone photos.
5. Wait a few moment for the computer to recognize the device.
6. Click the option to “import pictures and video using windows in the auto play box.

45. Answer the question below based on the card!

What should the guests do if they cannot come to the party?
Ki Hajar Dewantara : “Ing Ngarsa Sung Tuladha Ing Madya Mangun Karsa Tut Wuri Handayani”,- Di depan memberi contoh, di tengah memberi semangat dan di belakang memberikan kekuatan.